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WPF Toolkit DatePicker Month/Year Only

I'm using the Toolkit's Datepicker as above but I'd like to restrict it to month and year selections only, as in this situation the users don't know or care about the exact date .Obviously with the data being stored in a Datetime format there will be day stored but that doesn't concern me. Is there an easy way to tie this down?


Answer Source

If you can use the Calendar control instead you could do

<toolkit:Calendar x:Name="_calendar" DisplayModeChanged="_calendar_DisplayModeChanged" DisplayMode="Year" />

with this codebehind

Private Sub _calendar_DisplayModeChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As Microsoft.Windows.Controls.CalendarModeChangedEventArgs)

    If _calendar.DisplayMode = Microsoft.Windows.Controls.CalendarMode.Month Then
        _calendar.DisplayMode = Microsoft.Windows.Controls.CalendarMode.Year
    End If

End Sub
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