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RESTful application on Google App Engine Java?

I would like to create a RESTful app on Google App Engine. I would like to provide XML and JSON services. I have briefly experimented with Restlet, Resteasy, and Jersey. I haven't had much success with any of them, other than some simple examples in Restlet.

Could you share your experiences creating a Restful web application on Google App Engine using Java or provide any insight on the aforementioned toolkits on GAE?


Edit (2009-07-25):

I have decided to use Restlet for the time being. It seems to work flawlessly so far. Please post any other insights/opinions you may have. What problems have you encountered? Have you successfully used Jersey/Restlet/Resteasy on GAE/J? If so, we want to hear about it!

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I'm happy to report that Restlet M3 works FLAWLESSLY on AppEngine 1.2.2. I have followed the "First steps" and "First resource" tutorials found

So, it seems to me that Restlet is the answer for your GAE/J Restful applications.

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