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How to determine which artifact contains a class using Maven Central?

I have been looking for the Spring RestTemplate artifact on Maven Central and have only found the Android version.

What method(s) can be used to determine which artifact contains this class using Maven Central?

Answer Source

On Central, you can use the fc: tag to search for a fully-qualified classname, such as org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate. The search results show that it's available in two artifacts, spring-android-rest-template and spring-web. This indicates that spring-web is indeed the artifact that contains that class.

(I believe the rationale for including it in one artifact is that the RestTemplate depends on a large number of annotations and similar classes provided by the Web artifact. If you think there's a good reason for splitting them, the Spring 5 development effort is underway, and you could open a ticket on the Spring JIRA to separate them.)

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