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C++ Question

Read strings until end of lines

just to understand how to read correctly, how could i read the next text from file, if i want to read the diferent strings in each line. Each line can have different sizes (1st line could have 3 strings and 2nd line could have 100 strings)

2 //Number of lines

I tried in my code something like this, but i dont know how to check if program it's in the end of line.

ifstream fich("thefile.txt");

fich >> aux; //Contain number of line

for(int i=0;i<aux;i++){ //For each line
string line;
getline(fich, line);

char nt; //First in line it's always a char
fich >> nt;

string aux;

while(line != "\n"){ //This is wrong, what expression should i use to check?
fich >> aux;
//In each read i'll save the string in set

So at the end, i want that set contains:


Answer Source
while(line != "\n"){   //This is wrong, what expression should i use to check?

Yes, because the '\n' was removed by the getline() function.

Using std::istringstream it is easy to parse an arbitrary number of words up to the end of the current line:

string aux;
std::istringstream iss(line);
while(iss >> aux) {
    // ...

Also note:

fich >> aux; //Contain number of line

will leave you with an empty line read with std::getline() because in this case the '\n' will be leftover from that operation (see Using getline(cin, s) after cin for more detailed information).

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