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Getting NegativeArraySizeException while JSON parsing from openweathermap

I am trying to fetch the data using Async class but instead of getting the data I am getting a NegativeArraySizeException. While all the other things are right and I don't know what mistake I have made.

Below is the code I am using to fetch the data:

private class FetchData extends AsyncTask<Object, Void, String>

protected String doInBackground(Object... arg0) {

int responseCode = -1;
URL apiURL = new URL("");
HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection) apiURL.openConnection();

responseCode = connection.getResponseCode();
if(responseCode == HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK)
InputStream inputStream = connection.getInputStream();
Reader reader = new InputStreamReader(inputStream);
int contentLength = connection.getContentLength();
char[] charArray = new char[contentLength];;
String responseData = new String(charArray);

JSONObject jsonResponse = new JSONObject(responseData);

JSONArray weather_icon = jsonResponse.getJSONArray("weather");
JSONObject obj_icon = weather_icon.getJSONObject(0);
String icon = obj_icon.getString("icon");
String status = obj_icon.getString("description");

String location = jsonResponse.getString("name");

JSONObject main = jsonResponse.getJSONObject("main");
String tempreature = main.getString("temp");

String humidity = main.getString("humidity");
String pressure = main.getString("pressure");

pTempreature = tempreature;
pHumidity = humidity;
pPressure = pressure;
pLocation = location;
pStatus = status;
pIcon = icon;

Intent i = new Intent(MainActivity.this, DisplayData.class);
i.putExtra("tem", tempreature);
i.putExtra("ico", icon);
i.putExtra("hum", humidity);
i.putExtra("pre", pressure);
i.putExtra("stat", status);
i.putExtra("loc", location);


catch (MalformedURLException e)
Log.e("log_tag","Error In URL"+e.toString());
catch (IOException e)
Log.e("log_tag","Error In URL"+e.toString());
catch (Exception e)
Log.e("log_tag","Error In URL"+e.toString());

return "Code :"+responseCode;

Answer Source

I was not running your code, but probably you have issue with:

char[] charArray = new char[contentLength];

As I checked by this page content-lengtth is not set for your url, so you are getting -1 in contentLength. Try this code to get your content:

StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();

            if (inputStream == null) {
                // Nothing to do.
                return null;
            reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(inputStream));

            String line;
            while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null) {
                // Since it's JSON, adding a newline isn't necessary (it won't affect parsing)
                // But it does make debugging a *lot* easier if you print out the completed
                // buffer for debugging.
                buffer.append(line + "\n");

            if (buffer.length() == 0) {
                // Stream was empty.  No point in parsing.
                return null;
            forecastJsonStr = buffer.toString();
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