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Spring Boot - Encrypt JSON data

In our application we have to encrypt/decrypt the Json property values (not the property name) for each request and response.

{"userName":"encrypted value", "email":"encrypted value"}

We use Sprint boot 1.3 and we are using @RequestBody and @ResponseBody annotations to bind the request json with the object and serialise the response object as JSON.

We don't want to call encrypt/decrypt method in our each controller method. Is there any way we can instruct sprint to decrypt the json values before binding with the request object? Similarly, to encrypt the response object field values before converting them to json? Or customising Jackson may help us?


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You can write your own http message converter. Since you are using spring boot it would be quite easy: just extend your custom converter from AbstractHttpMessageConverter and mark the class with @Component annotation.

From spring docs:

You can contribute additional converters by simply adding beans of that type in a Spring Boot context. If a bean you add is of a type that would have been included by default anyway (like MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter for JSON conversions) then it will replace the default value.

And here is a simple example:

public class Converter extends AbstractHttpMessageConverter<Object> {

    public static final Charset DEFAULT_CHARSET = Charset.forName("UTF-8");

    private ObjectMapper objectMapper;

    public Converter(){
            new MediaType("application", "*+json", DEFAULT_CHARSET));

    protected boolean supports(Class<?> clazz) {
        return true;

    protected Object readInternal(Class<? extends Object> clazz,
                                  HttpInputMessage inputMessage) throws IOException, HttpMessageNotReadableException {
        return objectMapper.readValue(decrypt(inputMessage.getBody()), clazz);

    protected void writeInternal(Object o, HttpOutputMessage outputMessage) throws IOException, HttpMessageNotWritableException {

    private InputStream decrypt(InputStream inputStream){
        // do your decryption here 
        return inputStream;

    private byte[] encrypt(byte[] bytesToEncrypt){
        // do your encryption here 
        return bytesToEncrypt;
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