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Use regex in Python to rule out string

I'm using pandas to clean the data as below:

s3 = pd.DataFrame({'title':["intermediate" ,"Basmati/sadri" ,"temperate japonica" ,"Temperate japonica" , "Japonica" ,"Tropical japonica" ,"Aromatic (basmati/sandri type" , "indica" , "Aus/boro" , "Aus" ,"aus" ,"japonica" , "tropical japnica", "" , "Indica" , "Intermediate type" ]})

s3.title.replace(r".*[Jj]ap(o)?nica$", "japonica" ,inplace=True,regex=True)

s3.title.replace(r"Indica", "indica" ,inplace=True,regex=True)

print s3

And I got:

0 intermediate
1 Basmati/sadri
2 japonica
3 japonica
4 japonica
5 japonica
6 Aromatic (basmati/sandri type
7 indica
8 Aus/boro
9 Aus
10 aus
11 japonica
12 japonica
14 indica
15 Intermediate type

I want to replace string like:

if string not in ['japonica', "indica"] :
string = 'others'

But how to do it as regex:

s3.title.replace(r"some regex", "others" ,inplace=True,regex=True)

Answer Source

The following should work. It uses three cases, separated by or (|) operators.

  • a negative lookahead to ensure the title does not start with either japonica or indica, with some other characters required.
  • an or statement to ensure that if the title does start with japonica or indica, there are other characters afterwards, confirming that the string is not japonica or indica alone.
  • an empty string.

    s3.title.replace(r'^(?!japonica|indica).+$|^(japonica|indica).+$|^$', "others", inplace=True, regex=True)
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