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Javascript Question

Getting WP Tinymce's Content

I'm trying to write a Wordpress plugin. I will get counts words which in WP's Tinymce editor.
Basically, it's a word counter which counting long of your post and giving you this message in a meta box

Your post has 450 words

My just problem is getting words from Tinymce via javascript. This isn't working :


Tinymce's content's id is content . But this code returning NULL. I couldn't find valid id name for Tinymce.

In shortly, other all codes are ready, just i can't get words from Wordpress' WYSIWYG editor.


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Where "content" is the id of your textarea.

Similarly, if you wanted to get just the selected (highlighted) text in the TinyMCE text area you would do:


The full API is here:

TinyMCE also offers a lot of events you can bind to, particularly in your case the keyup, keydown, and keypressed events.

Be sure to call this stuff only after TinyMCE has loaded on the page.

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