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Javascript Question

Write a specific output for a folder name

I'm trying to write some codes in HTML, I'm new with it, the most of the time I'm playing the guessing game. This code

file = folder.createFolder([name, surname, twitter,].join(" ~ "))createFile(blob);

if the variables are

  • name = Alex

  • surname = Red

  • twitter = AleRed

creates a folder named "Alex ~ Red ~ AleRed" . Now i just want that the output folder will be a folder named " Alex ~ Red ~ Twitter: Alered". So I need to write my kind of format of the output, not just the separator between the variables. Is it possible? I don't this it will be harder

Answer Source
file = folder.createFolder([name, surname, "Twitter: " + twitter].join(" ~ "))createFile(blob);
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