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Python Question

how to setup multiple python version on debian (pip, virtualenvwrapper etc)

I'm starting to use python and would like to setup my workstation which is running on linux (debian). Multiple version of python are installed:

ot@station:/home/ot# ls -l /usr/bin/py
py3clean pydoc3.4 python2 python3.4m-config
py3compile pygettext python2.6 python3-config
py3versions pygettext2.7 python2.7 python3m
pybuild pygettext3 python2.7-config python3m-config
pyclean pygettext3.4 python2-config python-config
pycompile pygmentex python3 pythontex
pydoc pygmentize python3.4 pythontex3
pydoc2.7 pyste python3.4-config pyversions
pydoc3 python python3.4m
root@thinkstation:/home/nicolas# ls -l /usr/bin/py

My first question is regarding the package management system pip. I see the following output:

ot@station:/home/ot# pip
pip pip2 pip2.7

How can I check which pip is used for which python version? They must be linked somehow. From the output above I guess pip2.7 is used for the installed version of python2.7. But what about the others? Why isnt there a pip2.6 and how can I use pip to install packages for the newest version (python 3.4?).

Once this is sorted out I would like to start some coding projects for which virtualenv seems extremely helpful. At this point I know which pip links to which python version. If my project should run under python3 I use the corresponding pip to install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper. This implies there are different version of virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper on my local machine. How can I then use the right one for creating local environment?

Answer Source
sudo apt-get install python3-pip  # install pip3
pip3 install virtualenv  

virtualenv venv  # create virtualenv called venv
source /venv/bin/activate  # activate the virtualenv
pip install xyz

Note: to install packages within the virtual environment you simply use pip, even if its an python3 environment.

For further info on pip versions check out this post.

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