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Add Java Exception Breakpoint does not show any matches in Eclipse

When I try to add a Java Exception Breakpoint, I get a blank white screen with no "Matching items:" At the bottom I don't have a package symbol. Is there any way I can configure Eclipse so I can add a breakpoint corresponding to a Java Exception? I am remote debugging.

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I have experienced the same behaviour. The build works otherwise fine, and JDK is in the build path. Eclipse Kepler SR 1, Windows 7.

For me, the dialog started to work when I went to Run -> Debug Configurations -> [my debug configuration] -> source tab and added [myjdkpath]/jre/lib/rt.jar there manually. After doing that, the other exceptions appeared as well.

When I removed it again after adding, I was still able to see all my exceptions like supposed to. I guess you can just add any library there, debug, and remove it for Eclipse to "refresh" itself.

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