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Resume prevented form submission in React

I'm implementing Stripe with React.

Upon submit click, the form submission is prevented and an ajax request goes to Stripe - giving us a token in the response which should be attached in the subsequent request to our server.

I'm stumbling on how to implement/trigger this subsequent request to our server?

Below is an example of this flow taken from the react-stripe-elements repository:

class _CardForm extends React.Component {
props: {
fontSize: string,
stripe: StripeProps,
handleSubmit = (ev) => {
this.props.stripe.createToken().then((payload) => console.log(payload));
render() {
return (
<form onSubmit={this.handleSubmit}>
Card details
const CardForm = injectStripe(_CardForm);

Answer Source

You should trigger your call to the server once you get your token, i.e in the then clause of the promise that this.props.stripe.createToken returns.

handleSubmit = (ev) => {
    .then((payload) => yourFetchImplementation('path/to/api/endpoint', payloadAsBody));
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