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JSON Question

JSON file accepting POST data?

I have seen many APIs set up where the user would send POST data to a JSON file. Take the Mandrill API for example:


How does JSON interpret the request data, connect to a database, etc if it isn't a server-side language?


The api is not really sending the post request to the json file, or to any file for that matter. It's just their api endpoint naming convention. The /api/1.0/messages/send.json route is intercepted by the server app which process the post data.

If you check https://mandrillapp.com/api/docs/index.JSON.html the extension of the api route sets the output format.

So you can do:

  • /api/1.0/messages/send.json
  • /api/1.0/messages/send.xml
  • /api/1.0/messages/send.yaml
  • /api/1.0/messages/send.php