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Padding around NSTableView

I've a following problem. There is a subclassed NSScrollView with a view based NSTableView in it. I've added a custom background to the scrollview in the -drawRect: method of subclass, and now I would like to add some "padding" around the inner tableview like this:


How can I implement this?

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Finally, I've solved the problem. I've created an NSView (let's call it documentContentView), added my NSTableView as a subview of this documentContentView, then I've added the documentContentView to the scrollview's documentView:

NSTableView *docView = (NSTableView *)self.scrollView.documentView;
id newClipView = [[CustomClipView alloc] initWithFrame:[self.scrollView.contentView frame]];
[self.scrollView setContentView:(NSClipView *)newClipView];
[newClipView setDrawsBackground:NO];   

NSView *documentContentView = [[NSView alloc] initWithFrame:docView.bounds];
docView.autoresizingMask = NSViewWidthSizable | NSViewHeightSizable;
[documentContentView addSubview:docView];
[self.scrollView setDocumentView:documentContentView];
[self.scrollView setDrawsBackground:NO];

I've created my custom NSClipView called CustomClipView (based on this article http://www.cocoadev.com/index.pl?CenteringInsideNSScrollView) and this subclass sets the origin of the documentContentView when the window resized. I've subclassed my tableview as well, and in -reloadData method I can resize the documentContentView when the tableview change it's contents.