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jQuery Question

pass value of checkbox to variable only if it checked

I am using iCheck for checkbox and below checkbox selection html,

<input type="checkbox" name="allDay" id="allDay" class="icheck" data-checkbox="icheckbox_minimal-red" value="true"> All day event</label>

I am submitting form using Ajax, but not with
function, i am taking individual form entry as
and then do some manipulation on entry and then pass as variable in form ajax data,

Now i want to pass value for checkbox if its selected, otherwise it should not pass any value,

I have below code for taking value for variable,

allDay = $('#allDay').val();

But with this, it always pass value = true even if its

How can i pass value of checkbox to variable only if it checked?


Jai Jai
Answer Source

You can use :checked selector:

allDay = $('#allDay:checked').val();

or instead you can use .is() too if you are looking for default value:

allDay = $('#allDay').is(':checked'); // "true" if checked | "false" on unchecked;
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