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3NF Database Normalization

There is a report table for overdue DVD rentals. The store has multiple copies of the same DVD (they are all numbered to be identified). How can I normalize this data to meet 3NF requirements?


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Look at objects--actors:

1. Customer
2. Title
3. Physical Medium (DVD, the thing you take home when borrowing)
4. Artist
5. Rental (act of renting = transaction)
  • One artist can author many titles (moves, albums); a title (album) can be performed by several artists.
  • One title can have many physical-media (dvd, tape, blue ray) copies; a medium has one title only.
  • One medium (DVD) can be rented by many customers (one at the time); a customer can rent many media (DVD). Media.Status tracks availability of a medium (DVD).


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