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How to put outputs side by side in shiny?

How can I align my outputs side by side? I tried fluidRow columns but it doesn't work (the second tables appear inside of the firsts).

Here's an image of my app. enter image description here

and the tab code:

tabPanel("Wavelet Coefficients", htmlOutput("tmod1"),
tableOutput("wsf"), tableOutput("wbf"), htmlOutput("tmod2"),
tableOutput("vsf"), tableOutput("vbf")),

Thank you in advance

Answer Source

Detailed overview of the layout is here: RStudio: Application layout guide.

Essentially what you need is to define a row using shiny::fluidRow() which you subsequently divide into columns using shiny::column(). The total width equals to 12 following Bootstrap convention.

Looking at your example I'd try to split it 7/5 but it is up to you to calibrate the layout.

Your code should be altered as follows:

tabPanel("Wavelet Coefficients", 
  fluidRow(htmlOutput("tmod1")), # Header, I presume ?
    column(width = 7, tableOutput("wsf")),
    column(width = 5, tableOutput("wbf"))),
  fluidRow(htmlOutput("tmod2")), # Header #2, I presume ?
    column(width = 7, tableOutput("vsf")),
    column(width = 5, tableOutput("vbf"))


Below is the code from the the working example which can be found here:

  "2 columns",
    column(width = 4,
           h2("Column #1"),
    column(width = 8,
           h2("Column #2"),

Please let me know if it helps

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