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SQL Question

Sql Server return the value of identity column after insert statement

Is it possible in sql server using stored procedure to return the identity column value in a table against which some values are inserted? For example using stored procedure if we insert data in a table:

Table TBL

  • UserID integer, identity, auto-incremented

  • Name varchar

  • UserName varchar

  • Password varchar

So if I run the store procedure inserting some values like:

Insert into TBL (Name, UserName, Password)
Values ('example', 'example', 'example')

how can I return the value of UserID at which this insertion will take place. I need The value of UserID for some other operations, can anybody solve this?

Answer Source
Insert into TBL (Name, UserName, Password) Output Inserted.IdentityColumnName
 Values ('example', 'example', 'example')
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