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Javascript Question

How to change the default text in dropzone.js?

I'm having trouble changing the default text of my dropzone uploader. Despite the fact that I've initialized it like this, it's still rendering the default text:

Dropzone.options.imgUpload = {
paramName: "file", // Must match the name of the HttpPostedFileBase argument that the Upload action expects.
dictDefaultMessage: "Drag your image here",
acceptedFiles: "image/*" // Accept images only

Also tried changing the dictDefaultMessage set in dropzone.js, but with no luck :(
By the way; am I supposed to use both or remove one of them?

Any suggestions?

Answer Source

Solved this by including the basic.css file alone. This does not render the sprites and you have full control of styling inside the dropzone (It just gives jo a basic skeleton to improve upon). When doing this, dictDefaultMessage is displayed.

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