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Make AJAX request from CouchDB Show Function

I'm trying to create a CouchApp somewhat similar to couchperuser that will create a couch database for each user. My goal is not setup a separate node server as I am looking to achieve a "frontend-only/no-backend" design. My idea was to use a Show Function that could use the couch admin's username and password to create databases. The problem with this approach is that Show Functions are side effect-free, which means that I cannot use a XMLHttpRequest object or modify a couch doc from within a Show Function. Is there another method available that uses a Show Function, Update Handler or some other CouchDB construct?

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No. That is impossible.

The only way is to make the XHR request from the browser, after the page is served through the _show function. If that suits your needs, then good; if not, then pure CouchApps aren't enough for you and you need a separate backend server.

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