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Check if server is online from client

I am trying to make a simple game. I have a login screen, where you enter your username and password, and then you click a big connect button and then you're in (if the client manages to connect to the server). I would like to have a status box on the login screen, so you can see if the server is up or down. I am wondering if there is some sort of ping function in Otherwise, could you try to connect to the server (for example, I don't know what's good) 4 times. If it fails, it calls a function/sets a variable, whatever. If it succeeds it calls a function or something, then it disconnects. I have googled around a bit, but can't find anything. (By the way, sorry if this is really noobish, and there is a really apparent solution. I'm new to

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Socket io has an event listener for this situation. Reconnecting event will fire when tries to connect but fails. Its a bit misleading cuz it won't fire on every reconnect just when the reconnect try fails.

socket.on('reconnecting', function reconnectCallback(tries) {
    if (tries === 3) {
         //handle your offline mode here

socket.on('connect', function connectCallback() {
    //handle successful connection here then disconnect
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