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Subtitle in <li> is not align with CSS inline

I'm trying to make and following the best practices for email mailing, but I tried anyways align this "subtitle" of my < li > tag and fails every time.

I have this list on my PSD for email mailing:

Name of Hotel and subtitle with the Address

And this is my code:

<div style="width:600px; height:50px">
<span style="color:#e2e478; font-family:'Arial'; font-size:14px; margin-left:23px; line-height:75px">HOTELES PARTICIPANTES</span>

<div style="width:600px; height:542px; color:#ffffff; font-family:'Arial'; font-size:13px;">
<ul style="line-height:25px; columns:2">
<li style="margin-left:7px;">Belmond La Samanna</li>
<span>San Marino</span>
<li style="margin-left:-7px;">Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa</li>
<span>Riviera Maya, México</span>
<li style="margin-left:-7px;">Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada</li>
<span>San Miguel de Allende, México </span>
<li style="margin-left:-7px;">Belmond El Encanto</li>
<span>Santa Bárbara, EE.UU.</span>
<li style="margin-left:-7px;">Belmond Charleston Place </li>
<span> Charleston, EE.UU.</span>
<li style="margin-left:-7px;">Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond</li>
<span>St. Michaels, EE.UU.</span>
<li style="margin-left:-7px;">Belmond Copacabana Palace</li>
<span>Rio de Janeiro, Brazil </span>

Maybe this code has some errors, I'll appreciate all helps on this!

Answer Source

you need to replace margin-left:-7px with margin-left:7px and put span inside li


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