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String is different when written and saved in variable

Okay, so I have this confusing problem with a string. I'm using a loop to construct the string, and I use

to see the result. The output of the string is:


... which is correct. Then I'm trying to use
in an argument-array for a WordPress-query:

'terms' => array($exclude),

In short this should exclude posts from the categories with ID's mentioned above. But this does not work as intended. Unless if I write the numbers directly like this, it works:

'terms' => array(101,102,135),

So what is the difference between the
-string and writing the numbers manually...!?

Answer Source

When you do this

'terms' => array($exclude)

Your terms array looks like this:

    [0] => 101,102,135


'terms' => explode(',', $exclude)

$exclude becomes

    [0] => 101
    [1] => 102
    [2] => 135

You are assigning a string to the 0-th key in array, whereas you should be passing array elements.

explode will split up your string into an array based on a passed delimiter (in your case a comma).

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