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Intellij Community can't use http proxy for Maven

I have Intellij IDEA Community installed on a Linux box that needs to use an authenticated proxy to get to the Internet. I have a system-wide proxy on the box that works, and I have the proxy configured in ~/.m2/settings.xml. Maven correctly uses the proxy when I run try it from the command-line.

I have the same proxy configured within Intellij and it gives me the plugins listing correctly. But when I try to sync with the Maven repository withing Intellij I keep getting this:

[WARNING] Unable to get resource 'org.codehaus.mojo:hibernate3-maven-plugin:pom:2.2'
from repository restlet (http://maven.restlet.org): Authorization failed: Not
authorized by proxy.

I went to Settings->Maven and put in the proxy info as properties and that didn't work. I can see by looking at those settings that Intellij is reading my ~./m2/settings.xml fine because it knows where my local repo is (it's in a non-standard place).

Anyone know how I can get this working?

Answer Source

I commented out the proxy config in my ~/.m2/settings.xml file, let the Intellij Proxy info alone, and then supplied the properties in Setting->Maven. Not sure why that worked (nor why the settings.xml wasn't working right) but it's working now.

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