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J48 tree in R - train and test classification

I want to use train and test in J48 decision-tree on R.
here is my code:


data <- read.csv("try.csv")
resultJ48 <- J48(classificationTry~., data)


but I want to split my data into 70% train and 30% test, how can I use the J48 algo to do it?

many thanks!

knb knb

use the sample.split() function of the caTools package. It is more leightweight than the caret package (which is a meta package if I remember correctly):



data <- read.csv("try.csv")
spl = sample.split(data$someAttribute, SplitRatio = 0.7)

dataTrain = subset(data, spl==TRUE)
dataTest = subset(data, spl==FALSE)

resultJ48 <- J48(as.factor(classAttribute)~., dataTrain) 
dataTest.pred <- predict(resultJ48, newdata = dataTest)
table(dataTest$classAttribute, dataTest.pred)