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AngularJS Question

How to use two ng-modal in one input type in Angular js?

I am using angular js. And implementing input checkbox, So this checkbox checked by default from angular controller using ng-model:


var checkBoxVal = true;
$scope.checkboxModel = {
value : checkBoxVal,

$scope.call = function(){
if($scope.checkboxModel== false)

if($scope.mycheckbox== true){



<input type="checkbox" ng-model="checkboxModel.value" data-ng-change="call();"/>

But when call the function "call()" then it is not coming in if condition because $scope.checkboxModel is undefined.
When I use only ng-model="checkboxModel" then it is coming in if condition with true and false. But I want to use both set true value in like ng-model="checkboxModel.value" and compare the checkbox value after calling the call() function.

Answer Source

You don't need two ng-models. Change your condition to this since you want to evaluate based on ng-models value


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