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Android Question

Emulator does not show home screen after waiting more than half of hour

I made an android project in android studio & test it in real device it works fine but now i have not real device with me & want to run the project in Emulator. I install the

from the directory


after that I created Virtual Device to test the app but when I run this it shows black screen with android printed in the centre of the device but does not show the home screen. I tried it with the

Visualization technology Enabled in BIOS setting. what should I do now I waited about more than a half of the hour but its same.

Please help
Thank you in advance

Answer Source

I resolved the mentioned problem Emulator was not showing the home screen because

  1. I have more size of virtual Device than Haxm
  2. I haven't completely downloaded the API with which I was testing.

Now I set less size of Virtual Device & test the app with the lower API that I fully downloaded .... now its working fine.

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