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How can I get a high quality profile picture using React Native Facebook SDK GraphRequest?

I'm trying to get a high resolution picture using the React Native Facebook SDK, however the default image quality is very poor. It's 50x50 and very low resolution.


new GraphRequest('/135121013672357',
parameters: {
fields: {
string: 'picture'


"picture": {
"data": {
"is_silhouette": false,
"url": ""
"id": "135121013672357"

Looking at Facebook's Graph API docs, there is a parameter, "type", whereby one can request a particular size (small, medium, large). What isn't clear however, is how to format that request.

picture?type=large // Error

picture{type:large} // 200 However, picture is omitted from Response

Answer Source

Try using Graph API field expansion to get the resource:


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