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Database for Junit Testing

I am coding crud APIs for my application built on Hibernate/SQL. I am using mysql for both testing and live environment.

For testing, I have a database, user and privileges. So every time to test, I have to follow these steps:

  1. Drop all tables from database.

  2. Run "mvn clean install", and hibernate looks for the table in db and creates them if not existing.

I want my testing such that it doesn't collect garbage in my mysql db and I don't have to drop tables each and every time. Is there some in-memory rdbms which can be used for this purpose, and how can I choose between this and mysql depending on run environment is for testing or live.

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I prefer using H2, dbUnit, and spring-test. Hsqldb and Derby are other in-memory databases that are reasonable choices. Tests in spring use their own separate context with their own datasource, the test context configuration supersedes the normal application context values. That way there is no extra effort required to switch between databases, the tests can be setup to use H2 while the application uses mysql.

Be aware that mysql is permissive about the sql it accepts, other databases tend to be more strict.

Unlike Jim, I think it pays off to have tests exercising your data layer, especially when using Hibernate, which is complicated enough that I want to confirm it's really doing what I think it should be doing.

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