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SQL Question

Unable to create Storage plugin for Mysql Apache Drill

With help from the documentation : I've been trying to create a storage plugin for Mysql in Apache Drill, I tried multiple jdbc drivers :

but I always get the error:

Please retry: error (unable to create/update storage)

my configuration is as follows :

"enabled": true

Does anyone know why it doesn't work and how to fix it please ?
Thanks in adcance

PS: I've seen this post SQL Server Storage Plugin not Working but didn't help

Answer Source

As per docs add this plugin.

  "type": "jdbc",
  "driver": "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver",
  "url": "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306",
  "username": "root",
  "password": "mypassword",
  "enabled": true

NOTE: Make sure you added mysql-connector jar in <drill-directory>/jars/3rdparty

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