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AngularJS Question

Angular JS pre-populate form using url parameters

I have the following angular controller:

'use strict';
angular.module("generatorApp").controller('demogController',['$scope','$location','$http',function($scope, $location, $http){
var feet=$scope.feet;
var inches=$scope.inches;
var isMale = false;

if($scope.gender == 'male'){
isMale = true;
isMale = false;

var data = {
heightCm: 2.54 *(this.feet * 12 + this.inches)

localStorage.setItem('demogData', JSON.stringify(data));


Now here's the html:

<th> feet </th>
<th> inches </th>
<td><input type="number" ng-model="feet" placeholder="ft" name="feet" id="feet"></td>
<td><input type="number" ng-model="inches" placeholder="in" name="inches" id="inches"><td>

And so on for email and some other entries.
I am trying to pre-populate these table entries by using a url string of the following format:


So if the following string were entered, by forms would be populated already. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer Source

You can get the query string params with:

$scope.feet = $location.search().feet; 

It is usually suggested that the models you use for your ng-model be properties of an object. For example:

$scope.formModel = {
    feet: $locaion.search().feet,
    inches: $location.search().inches

Then reference them this way:

<td><input type="number" ng-model="formModel.feet" placeholder="ft" name="feet" id="feet"></td>
<td><input type="number" ng-model="formModel.inches" placeholder="in" name="inches" id="inches"><td>
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