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How do you create a swift Date object

How do you create a date object from a date in swift xcode.

eg in javascript you would do:

var day = new Date('2014-05-20');

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This is best done using an extension to the existing NSDate class.

The following extension adds a new initializer which will create a date in the current locale using the date string in the format you specified.

extension NSDate
      init(dateString:String) {
      let dateStringFormatter = NSDateFormatter()
      dateStringFormatter.dateFormat = "yyyy-MM-dd"
      dateStringFormatter.locale = NSLocale(localeIdentifier: "en_US_POSIX")
      let d = dateStringFormatter.dateFromString(dateString)!
      self.init(timeInterval:0, sinceDate:d)

Now you can create an NSDate from Swift just by doing:


Please note that this implementation does not cache the NSDateFormatter, which you might want to do for performance reasons if you expect to be creating many NSDates in this way.

Please also note that this implementation will simply crash if you try to initialize an NSDate by passing in a string that cannot be parsed correctly. This is because of the forced unwrap of the optional value returned by dateFromString. If you wanted to return a nil on bad parses, you would ideally use a failible initializer; but you cannot do that now (June 2015), because of a limitation in Swift 1.2, so then you're next best choice is to use a class factory method.

A more elaborate example, which addresses both issues, is here: .

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