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How can I select all of the Sundays for a year using Python?

Using Python...

How can I select all of the Sundays (or any day for that matter) in a year?

[ '01/03/2010','01/10/2010','01/17/2010','01/24/2010', ...]

These dates represent the Sundays for 2010. This could also apply to any day of the week I suppose.

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You can use date from the datetime module to find the first Sunday in a year and then keep adding seven days, generating new Sundays:

from datetime import date, timedelta

def allsundays(year):
   d = date(year, 1, 1)                    # January 1st
   d += timedelta(days = 6 - d.weekday())  # First Sunday
   while d.year == year:
      yield d
      d += timedelta(days = 7)

for d in allsundays(2010):
   print d
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