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Python Question

Convert String to Date [With Year and Quarter]

I have a pandas dataframe, where one column contains a string for the year and quarter in the following format:


My Question:
​How do I convert this into two datetime columns, one for the year and one for the quarter.


You can use split, then cast column year to int and if necessary add Q to column q:

df = pd.DataFrame({'date':['2015Q1','2015Q2']})
print (df)
0  2015Q1
1  2015Q2

df[['year','q']] = df.date.str.split('Q', expand=True)
df.year = df.year.astype(int)
df.q = 'Q' + df.q
print (df)
     date  year   q
0  2015Q1  2015  Q1
1  2015Q2  2015  Q2

Also you can use Period:

df['date'] = pd.to_datetime(df.date).dt.to_period('Q')

df['year'] = df['date'].dt.year
df['quarter'] = df['date'].dt.quarter

print (df)
    date  year  quarter
0 2015Q1  2015        1
1 2015Q2  2015        2