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jQuery Question

Nesting select menus inside div breaks jQuery menu

I am developing a multi chained dropdown system using jQuery.

My demo here works great: https://jsfiddle.net/m27pnyo3/

However, when I want to nest each select menu in a

element, I am having problems. I believe these problems stem from my use of

See this revised Demo with
elements around each
- you can see it breaks :(

Can someone explain what I change in my jQuery below to resolve this?

$(function() {

$(".series").each(function() {
$(this).chained($(".mark", $(this).parent()));
$(".model").each(function() {
$(this).chained($(".series", $(this).parent()));
$(".engine").each(function() {
$(".series", $(this).parent()),
$(".model", $(this).parent())


Answer Source

Just add another .parent()


Now you have added a div as parent and this should get it to original destination.