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Perl: color error log with specific character

how to color the output with specific string/character, like if the log contains word "ERROR", it will be RED, "Warning" will be yellow and "Info" will be green in PERL

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If you are going to output this to a web browser you could use: (Keep in mind that if the log file is to big then ths connection will time-out in the web browser)

$logfile = "/var/log/log.txt" ;
open INFILE, "$logfile" ; 
@loglines = <INFILE> ; 
close INFILE;

foreach $line (@loglines) {
   if ($line =~ /ERROR/) {
      $line = "<span style=\"color: red;\">" . $line . "</span>";
   elsif ($line =~ /Warning/) {
     $line = "<span style=\"color: yellow;\">" . $line . "</span>";
   elsif ($line =~ /Info/) {
     $line = "<span style=\"color: green;\">" . $line . "</span>";
    print $line;

It would be better to use CSS classes instead of the span tags as outlined above.

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