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ActionScript Question

Tweenlite in multiple objects

I tried to move cards to my users they are three members here i have nine cards here my code below.I have used tweenlite to move first three cards moved successfully then rest of cards how can i move to users.

import com.greensock.*;
import com.greensock.easing.*;
import flash.events.MouseEvent;

click_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, UserOne);

function UserOne(evt:MouseEvent):void

TweenMax.to(joker_mc, .5, { x:598.25, y:164.45 , onComplete:UserTwo} );

function UserTwo():void
TweenLite.to(king_mc, .5, { x:316.50, y:267.90, onComplete:UserThree} );


function UserThree():void
TweenLite.to(queen_mc, .5, { x:39, y:172} );


Anyone knows Please Elaborate this one.

Answer Source

There's no need to create separate code for each of the cards, they are all alike. Create an Array with card + x + y entries, and work with the entries.

import com.greensock.*;
import com.greensock.easing.*;
import flash.events.MouseEvent;

var currentEntry:int = -1;
var aList:Array =
    {card:joker_mc, x:598.25, y:164.45},
    {card:king_mc,  x:316.50, y:267.90},
    {card:queen_mc, x:39, y:172},

    // ...
    // and so on

click_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick);

function onClick(e:MouseEvent):void
    // Unsubscribe to avoid the mess with second click.
    click_mc.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick);

    // Start process.

function moveNext():void

    // Stop the process if all the cards have been moved.
    if (currentEntry >= aList.length) return;

    // Get the entry.
    var anEntry:Object = aList[currentEntry];

    // Move the card.
    TweenLite.to(anEntry['card'], .5, {x:anEntry['x'], y:anEntry['y'], onComplete:moveNext});
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