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How to disable a specific linter rule in .eslintrc?

I saved the this .eslintrc in the root of my project in Atom Editor, but the behaviour of the linter-js-standard package does not change, even after a restart.

How can I disable specific rules, e.g. no-extra-semi?

I already tried Mark's suggestion here, but it is not working for me.

Answer Source

There is a linter package for eslint called linter-eslint that will work directly with your .eslintrc files.

This package will use the .eslintrc in your root project directory by default. If that is absent, it will then use the one specified in your package.json.

After installing linter-eslint, on the packages tab you can click on the settings for linter-eslint. In this page there is an option for eslintrc Path. You can use this setting to specify an .eslintrc file other than the one in your project root directory or in your package.json. You can also customize the eslint Rules or to disable when no eslint config file is found.

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