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jQuery Question

Hide all but one match, which is shown, in one jquery line

There seem to be many answers on SO to hide all but one element of a selector, e.g.


but this does not explicitly
the element
<li class="shown">
if it has been hidden previously. To deal with this, other SO answers suggest a 2 liner, which has the disadvantage of hiding all the elements first, then showing one, which may cause flicker:


Is there a jQuery syntax which I can use which does this in a single loop? I'm not sure whether e.g.


will do this, or whether that simply does the same as the 2 liner, looping first over all the matches, then later switching one back on again.


You can chain the two by using $.not('.shown') or :not(.shown) when you hide the li's, then use $.end() and use $.filter('.shown').show()

.shown {
  display: none;
<script src=""></script>
<li class="shown">show</li>