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Selecting elements based on absence of class-attribute in HTML DOM

Using the HTML DOM, I would like to select almost all td tags except for those td tags that have a class-attribute of "xyz".

With document.selectElementsByTagname["td"] I can get all the td-elements. However, I don't want all but only those where the class-attribute != "xyz".

Since there are no predicates in html DOM, I currently don't see a way to achieve this. Is there still a way to do it?

Answer Source

You can use querySelectorAll with :not() pseudo class selector.


Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("td:not(.xyz)")).forEach(function(e) { = "red";
    <td class="xyz">a</td>
    <td class="xyz">a</td>
    <td class="xyz">a</td>
    <td class="xyz">a</td>

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