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AppCompat action bar size differ from ActionBarSherlock's size

I've decided to migrate from ActionBarSherlock (ABS) to AppCompat-v7. I ran into a problem. ActionBar became 56dp size instead of 48dp as it was in Holo theme. As I found in AppCompat resources the default action bar size is equal 56dp as in Material design. But I want my action bar looks like action bar in Holo theme. How can I specify necessary size for action bar? Maybe there is AppCompat-v7 with Holo instead of Material?

action bar comparison

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It is normal.

Appcompat v21 library enables you to bring the Material designs to older Android platforms.

If you would like to change the height you can use a Toolbar in your layout and set your favorite height.

    android:background="?attr/colorPrimary" />

In any case I suggest you to adopt the Material Desing and use the standard dimens. You can find more info here.

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