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JSON Question

Convert Json into Xlsx File

I am trying to covert json data into Xlsx file and save it in a folder.
I have been trying to use icg-json-to-xlsx module but till now I have been unable to use it.
My code looks like this:

jsonXlsx = require('icg-json-to-xlsx');

filename = path.join('./files', "output.xlsx");
outputFile = jsonXlsx(filename, result) //result contains json data

but I got this error

outputFile = jsonXlsx(filename, result)
TypeError: Property 'jsonXlsx' of object # is not a function

Getting data from mongodb:
in routes:

router.get('/', function(req, res, next) {
fileController.getAll(function(err, result){
// res.json(result);
var data = result;

in controller:

FileController.prototype.getAll = function(callback){

File.find( {}, {_id: false, id: true, name: true, status: true}, function(err, file){

if(err) {
return callback(err);
} else {
if (!file) {
return callback('file not found');

callback(null, file);

Answer Source

Try this

  outputFile = jsonXlsx.writeFile(filename, result);

jsonXlsx is object, which contains methods like writeFile, writeBuffer, so you can't call jsonXlsx as function... or you need add reference to function like this

jsonXlsxWriteFile = require('icg-json-to-xlsx').writeFile;  
outputFile        = jsonXlsxWriteFile(filename, result)


var jsonXlsx = require('icg-json-to-xlsx');
var path     = require('path');
var filename = path.join('./files', "output.xlsx");

var result = [ 
  { id: '1', name: 'test', status: '123' }, 
  { id: '2', name: 'david', status: '323'}, 
  { id: '3', name: 'ram', status: '2323' } 

var outputFile = jsonXlsx.writeFile(filename, JSON.stringify(result));



  .find({ })
    _id: false, id: true, name: true, status: true
  .exec(function(err, file) {

In your case, query returns MongooseDocuments, but jsonXlsx needs plain JavaScript objects, so that's why you should use lean()

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