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C++ Question

Defining own main functions arguments argc and argv

i want to create an object of type QApplication which needs the main functions arguments argc and argv as an input:

QApplication app(argc, argv);

Since i am within a user defined function without access to the main function i want to define this arguments on my own. I have tried several approaches but i cannot get the type conversion right. My last approach did not work either:

int argc = 1;
char **argv;
char arguments[1][12] = {{"cgalExample"}};
argv = arguments;

Thanks for any hint.

Answer Source

Quick and dirty, but working for QApplication:

char *argv[] = {"program name", "arg1", "arg2", NULL};
int argc = sizeof(argv) / sizeof(char*) - 1;

For a more complete and C standard conforming solution see D.Shawley's answer.

Why your solution doesn't work is simple:

array[i][j] results in a i*j matrix. But what you actually want is an array with pointers to strings in it.

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