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XCTest and asynchronous testing in Xcode 6

So Apple said in the release note of Xcode 6 that we can now do asynchronous testing directly with XCTest.

Anyone knows how to do it using Xcode 6 Beta 3 (Using objective-C or Swift)? I don't want the known semaphore method, but the new Apple way.

I searched into the released note and more but I found nothing. The XCTest header is not very explicit either.

Answer Source

The sessions video is perfect, basically you want to do something like this

func testFetchNews() {
    let expectation = self.expectationWithDescription("fetch posts")

    Post.fetch(.Top, completion: {(posts: [Post]!, error: Fetcher.ResponseError!) in
        XCTAssert(true, "Pass")

    self.waitForExpectationsWithTimeout(5.0, handler: nil)
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