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Xcode: Could not inspect the application package

I am running Xcode 6 and iOS 8 GM. Every other time I run my app I get this message from Xcode:

"Could not inspect the application package"

So I can run and build, I will get the message. I run and build again, everything runs as expected (this is to my device). Then it will rinse and repeat, every other time giving me this error.

I have looked at all the other solutions that have been suggested but cannot stop this error. I have cleaned my project, cleaned the build folder, deleted derived data etc with no luck.

How am I supposed to see what is causing this in the first place? I appreciated any help.



Interestingly, this only happens when running on my device. Not on the simulator.


More interestingly, it only happens on my device, when building for debug. If I change the scheme to release, I can build and run endlessly without with error. Ideas?

Answer Source

This can happen with Xcode 6 and iOS 8 if a product name contains non-latin characters. In this case changing product name to the one with only latin characters for debug builds fixes this problem.

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