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Creating bindings splitting window in 4 parts

I'm pretty new to tmux and would like to know if it's possible to split a terminal window in 4 parts by a single command like

Ctrl+b, \
. I can do it with
Ctrl+b, "
and then
Ctrl+b, %
but this is kind of verbose and I work with 4-window screen very often (it's my favorite terminal view). I mean this:

enter image description here

QUESTION: Is it possible to configure such a binding?

Answer Source

You can add custom bindings in your ~/.tmux.conf if you don't have one yet, go ahead and create it. Here's the syntax for a custom binding to split your tmux into quadrants like you wanted above:

bind - split-window -v \; split-window -h \; select-pane -t 0 \; split-window -h \;

Put that in ~/.tmux.conf and the binding I set it to is Ctrl+b, -

Here's a decent guide on how to use your .tmux.conf

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