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Node.js Question

Where does --be_ip argument come from a command: nohup nodejs server.js?

I'm now learning how to deploy my node.js app to Google Compute Engine, and reading a tutorial on Google Cloud Platform, which deploys node.js app with MongoDB to Google Compute Engine.

The tutorial guides you through a step by step, which consists of the following:

  1. Launch a backend instance and make it open to HTTP port

  2. Install MongoDB on backend

  3. Launch a frontend instance and make it open to HTTP port

  4. Install nodejs on frontend and clone node.js app there, and launch a server

However, the last command on the tutorial is the following:

nohup nodejs server.js nohup nodejs server.js --be_ip XXX --fe_ip YYY &

But I don't get where the
come from. The parameter of the arguments is a backend and frontend internal IP, so I can easily guess what the name means.

However, both
man nodejs
man nohup
doesn't show these arguments. Also, when I tried googling by a keyword "
--be_ip --fe_ip command
", the resultant page shows the google tutorial-related pages specifically.

So I wonder where these arguments come from. How can I be informed more about these arguments?

Answer Source

Well, it is a set of optional arguments that you can set to whatever you like. Those arguments shall be used in a program, for example via process.argv. or optimist library.

That's why when you googled it the resultant pages are only those tied to its relevant results, and man nohup or man nodejs didn't help.

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