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giving an arraylist the value of another arraylist JAVA

adding a different type array list to each other.

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Well instead of making an instance of banana in apple why dont you make an instance of apple in banana and just do this:

Apple apple = new Apple();
bananaArrayList = apple.appleArrayList;

So since it is created inside a function you initialize it in the constructor like so:

public class Apple{
public ArrayList<Perk> appleArrayList;

public PerkGenerator() {
        this.appleArrayList = new ArrayList();

And if you do that, there is no need to do it inside a function. But if you still want to do it inside a function. Just keep that code. And do this inside apple:

public ArrayList makeApple(){
    ArrayList apples = new ArrayList();
    return apples;

And then inside of banana you do this:

bananaArrayList = apple.makeApple

This works, because the make apple function returns an arraylist :) Here is some info on returning values from methods :) http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/javaOO/returnvalue.html

Hope i could help :)

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