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iOS Question

What is the maximum size of single file in iPhone?

I have searched some posts and cannot find what the maximum filesize is under iPhone.

As the above posts said, the maximum filesize depends on the free disk space. So, can I store everything into sqlite file and it's filesize can exceed 4GB or 10GB ?

Answer Source

According to the following links I found,

  1. Mac OS, HFS File System volumn and file limits
  2. iOS filesystem, HFSX
  3. HFS, Wiki

As the first link says, "The theoretical maximum file size for a Mac OS Extended file system is millions of terabytes. In practice, the maximum file size is equivalent to the maximum volume size, except for a small amount of disk space reserved for file system information."

Because the maximum filesize is equal to the maximum volumn size, and consider the factor about the free disk space.

So, in my conclusion, the maximum size of single file depends on the free disk space.

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