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C++ Question

How to convert QString to std::string?

I am trying to do something like this:

QString string;
// do things...
std::cout << string << std::endl;

but the code doesn't compile.
How to output the content of qstring into the console (e.g. for debugging purposes or other reasons)? How to convert

Answer Source

One of the things you should remember when converting QString to std::string is the fact that QString is UTF-16 encoded while std::string... May have any encodings.

So the best would be either:

QString qs;

// Either this if you use UTF-8 anywhere
std::string utf8_text = qs.toUtf8().constData();

// or this if you're on Windows :-)
std::string current_locale_text = qs.toLocal8Bit().constData();

The suggested (accepted) method may work if you specify codec.


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